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7 mistakes to avoid when travelling Paris

Many visitors often make several mistakes in the first time visiting the prosperous French capital. Below are some easy-to-make ones that the tourist should pay attention when travelling the city.

1Spend money on buying water

Bling Bling Water

If you are in a luxurious or even small restaurant, just tell the phrase ‘Carafe d’eau’ (a bottle of water) to the waiter and then you can get water for free. In Paris, no one has to spend money just on drinking water. In case that you are not in restaurants, you can also get water directly from the tap because of its cleanness. Therefore, let’s save money to purchase other valuable things.

2Visit too many places


Many people think that they rarely have chance to explore Paris again. Hence, they would make use of their time to visit as many as the famous destinations in the city of light. However, in a short time, you can not enjoy and understand thoroughly great beauty as well as unique features of places where you travel. As the result, Paris may not impress you much when you return to your hometown.

3Visit the Versailles Palace

Versailles Palace

According to local people, if you come to France for the first time and only have a few days in Paris, a trip to Versailles Palace will depend on the visitors’ decision. In tourist seasons (spring and summer), this famous destination is always full of travellers. Thus, it may take a few hours to enter the building before jostling in the crowds and contemplating the bed of Marie Antoinette for only seconds!

4Leave tip

15435 - Paris (Drouot) France // old fashion store opened since 1761 ! 巴黎 La mère de la famille

At some stores and restaurants, tips are included in the bill. Therefore, there is no need to leave tip anymore.

5Have breakfast in hotel

Art deco Interior Design with red seats and cool ceiling and floor at Lutetia Bar at the Hotel Lutetia Paris, Rive Gauche, France

Many visitors have mentioned breakfast in the hotel as a huge waste. Besides, sometimes its taste was not as good as they expected. You can go to a donut shop, sip a cup of coffee along with a delicious croissant and contemplate Paris streets instead. It will certainly take you just a very small amount of money.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

6Wait patiently in line

Queues at the Eiffel Tower

Of course, that is a civilized behavior everyone should obey when travelling any places. Nevertheless, to avoid waiting for hours in a queue, visitors had better find out about which time is most convenient to them in order not to wait for a long while. Then they can save their time and their energy as well.

7Not stay in the center


Actually, the prices between hotels in Paris are almost the same regardless of their locations. For this reason, don’t hesitate to stay in the center. That is a great chance for you to enjoy Paris atmosphere in the heart of city. Furthermore, obviously, you will not have to move too much as staying in the suburb.

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