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7 Tips to Travel in Paris

Paris is an attractive destination in Europe. Tourists never miss this destination when come to Europe or France. However, you can’t visit all sites or do the right things. In this article, we will provide you some tips that will be helpful for your travel in Paris.

1 Be brave to speak French

Speaking French when you come to Paris does not mean that Paris people can’t speak English. There is no reason to use another langue in their motherland. Therefore, trying to listen, speak some simple sentences will be an interesting experience. French will overestimate your effort.

2 Trying new dishes

Caprice - My Entree
Coming to the city of light, let’s try the local dishes such as snail, frog or goose liver. You can also enjoy a cuisine tour in Paris with 30 USD in 1 or 3 hours. The tour guide will take you to the bakeries or pubs in Paris. In addition, you can also ask tour guide to explain the ingredient of these dishes.

3 Don’t be worry if your credit card doesn’t work

Credit Card and Computer
Some restaurants or shops don’t accept foreign credit card. Don’t be panic in this situation. You can talk with the waiter and they will help you to find ATM to draw cash. It is obvious to understand because Paris is an international city that attracts many foreign tourists, so they will understand and help you to deal with this problem.

4 Don’t miss Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum Paris 1989
Tourists usually ignore the museums because it wastes of time while there are many fascinating things out there. However, Louvre museum is an exception. There are many things to discover in this museum, so you won’t have enough time to enjoy everything. Nevertheless, if you are really interesting in art, let take a tour to discover Louvre museum.

5 It is not necessary to visit all visit sites

Follow the line
Paris has abundant destinations to visit but it is not essential to visit all of them. The important thing is enjoying your experience. Therefore, just wandering the streets is interesting. You won’t enjoy the real Paris if trying to visit all destinations in a short time.

6 Learn how to use wifi before coming to Paris

Wifi is available in every coffee shop, hotel in Paris. However, you should ask or read about instruction in advance about wifi if you don’t want to lose an amount of money.

7 Should not line to buy ticket at Eiffel

Eiffel Tower Line
Almost tourists who come to Paris will visit Eiffel – the symbol of France. Therefore, it takes you at least 2 hours to buy a ticket or you have to come before 9:30 AM. The most simple way is booking through website or take a tour to Eiffel.

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