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Experience the peaceful atmosphere of the Seine in Paris

If you want to escape from the noisiness and animation of Paris, the Seine is definitely an ideal area you need to check out.

Notre Dame de Paris

1French architecture on the river banks

View of Paris from Eiffel Tower

The river Seine runs through 480 miles across France – a half of its journey, giving the capital of light a great beauty with both ancient and modern features. Besides, the Seine contributes to French temperate climate as well.

'A Wrought Iron Tower 300 Metres High' La Tour Eiffel, Paris, France, Europe ..... (Explored)

Standing on the southern bank, the visitors can contemplate impressive buildings such as the Eiffel Hotel, the Hotel des Invalides and the Musee d’Orsay while on the opposite direction are the Louvre Museum, the Grand Palais des Champs-Élysées and the Place de la Concorde Square. In addition, the tourists, of course, can see the Notre Dame de Paris and Ste-Chapelle from the beautiful river.

Evening Picnic by the Seine

Surrounded by all of these attractive structures, the Seine becomes one of the busiest areas of the French capital. Everyday, crowds of people flock here to enjoy an authentic romanticism in the heart of Paris.

2Experience French nature on the Seine

Cruise the Seine, Paris

To experience all the beautiful aspects of the river and relax with the peaceful atmosphere of Paris, there is no way better than a ‘Seine cruise’ with French boats, food and wine. The visitors can try this kind of tourism by searching the keywords ‘Seine Cruise’ or ‘France cruises’ on the Internet and then choosing the best pleasant and suitable option to them.

'Pont Alexandre III'  Paris, France, Europe

Paris has a total of 37 bridges across the beautiful river Seine. Each of them has unique attractiveness, may be ancient and may be modern. Among them, the Pont Neuf, Pont Alexandre III and Pont des Arts are voted as the most impressive brigdes spaning the river.

Walking around the Île Saint Louis

After enjoying a romantic feeling of a ‘Seine cruise’, the visitors can stroll along the Seine and let their soul immersing in amazing beauties of these Fifty Shades Darker 2017 movie now

3Seine River – great theme in French art

The Seine in Paris, France at Night with the Notre Dame Cathedral in the Distance

Having an inherent natural beauty, coupled with romanticism of France, the Seine has become the great theme of a variety of famous artists all over the world such as Anguste Pierre Renoir, Alfred Sisley and Claud Monet.

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