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Explore Paris’s month of Sundays

Paris’s August seems to have more Sundays than the other months.
City of Love
During this time, the French capital forgoes its usual bustle for a month-long weekend of lazy doings and simple diversions.

1 Slowing down summer

At the beginning of August, Paris all but shuts down. As the harried locals leave en masse for their annual vacations and the more relaxed travellers pour in to fill the gap, a sense of serenity settles over the French capital. Automobiles disappear, taking their horns and roar and leaving yards of space open.
Paris life
In the cafes that stay open, it suddenly becomes easy to find a peaceful table at which to enjoy a fresh baguette and observe the sudden change in tempo.
Paris, May 2014 - 013
2 Party like a Parisian

Air swing
The annual summer fair, the Fetes des Tuileries, attracts both travellers and the remaining locals to frolic next to the Musee du Louvre.
swing carousel
With some 60 rides and games and everything from toffee apples to churros, the festival is a lighthearted event for the whole family to enjoy. The fair is held from June 29th to August 25th.
3 The urban ambience disappears

As the heat of summer stretches over the city like a blanket, people take refuge in the sprinkle of a cool mister under the Eiffel tower.
The Iron Lady and Mister Tree
When the day winds down, steer away from the iron monument and wander into the more tranquil parts of town, now stripped of their metropolitan clamour and transformed into a jovial playground for holiday makers.
4 Verdant escapes

Being outdoors is often the point of summer, so museums with courtyards or gardens are the perfect place to go.
Meander through the gardens of the Musee Rodin, which is situated in an elegant old mansion on the 7th arrondissement.
Young Girl at the Musee Rodin
Visitors can browse the museum’s extensive collection of drawings and photographs as well as observe Rodin’s creations in the beautiful sculpture garden.
5 The end of a carefree season

Paris’s tangible change of pace is best enjoyed in one of its many parks, museums, flea markets, cafes – or simply by strolling along the Seine.
Couple walking along Seine river
With nowhere to rush to, aimlessly wandering around the capital is not only tolerated, it is encouraged. Dip your feet into the Louvre’s reflecting pool on a sunny day or pack a picnic and find a cool, stone bench along the riverfront.
Pont des Arts - Paris (France)
After all, Paris in August is the longest Sunday, but it won’t last forever.

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