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Exploring Paris by impressive means of transport

Beside the famous structure like the Eiffel Tower or the Lourve Museum, the French capital has several impressive traffic services for travellers.

1Tuk Tuk


To explore Paris, visitors can choose many kinds of different vehicles. Among them, Tuk Tuk is a fun and friendly way to move around the city.

Paris - Tuk tuk

The tourists can select a classic tour or a typical tour depending on their interest. Cool, flexible, mobile and very cute, Tuk Tuk will definitely give you a memorable experience in Paris!

2CV Paris Authentic

2 Segway

Segway 2685

The Segway is a self-balancing and personal transportation device designed to run in any pedestrian environment.

Segway Obstacle Course

With this device, the visitors will not worry about the traffic because they will follow carefully planned routes which spend almost time in bike lanes, parks and large side walks.

tourists on Segway in Paris

3Boat on the Seine

Quais de Seine

For those who want to escape from the noisiness of the city, taking a ‘Seine cruise’ with French boats, food and wine will be the best way.

Paris - Boats on the Seine

Just need to search the key words ‘Seine Cruise’ or ‘France cruises’ on the Internet and choose a suitable tour to you, then everything is ready to explore all the beautiful and unexpected sides of the romantic river.

Seine River at Night

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