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Fascinating Shopping Destinations in France: Part 1

One of the most fascinating experiences for tourists coming to France is shopping at luxurious shopping malls or busy outdoor markets.

1 Paris

Coming to Paris, you will not only be impressed by the elegant beauty of Paris, but also be satisfied with shopping here. Paris is the best place for shopping and fashion lovers.
*Galeries Lafayette

This is one of the ten most luxurious shopping centers in the world. Galeries Lafayette located on Boulevard Haussmann.

Galeries lafayette haussmann

Male fashion shop is in the corner of Mogador and Boulevard Haussmann which has 4 floors. Female fashion shop is opposite the Mogador which has 7 floors. These two shops are connected together by a bridge on Mogador. Finally, Lafayette Maison shop is opposite the male fashion shop on Boulevard Haussmann which sells luxurious interior furniture.

* Richard Lenoir

Richard Lenoir market is one of the most tourist attractions in Paris. The market is open only on Thursday and Sunday weekly. However, Sunday is a particularly lively day of the market, since almost all other shops are closed in Paris on Sunday.

Boulevard Richard Lenoir Market

At this market, visitors not only can buy plenty of goods from delicious food (such as meat, bread, cheese) came from every part of France and even from other countries (such as Middle Europe dishes, Spanish Paella, etc.) to any type of footwear, clothes, fabrics, etc.; but also can enjoy the street artists’ unique and impressive performances.

Marché Richard Lenoir / Bastille

*Marche Des Puces, St. Ouen De Clignacourt

This large market is located at Paris suburb and selected to be a famous shopping destination by tourists. Marche Des Puces market has about 3,000 stalls selling every kind of goods, especially antiques and cheap clothes.

Marché aux Puces de Baraqueville

The market is only open from Saturday morning to the next week’s Monday evening, from 9AM to 7PM. Marche Des Puces is the heaven for antique lovers and unique-item collectors.

Paris : La  Brocante des Batignolles  - 1/2

However, since there is a huge amount of goods here, buyers must be patient.

2 Marseille


As one of the largest cities and also one of three greatest urban centers in France, the port city of Marseille brings about satisfaction and comfort to visitors coming to visit and shopping here.

* Centre Bourse

Centre Bourse is a grand shopping mall located at 17th, Square Belsunce, 13231 Marseille Cedex 1, and at about 5 minutes walking distance from the port.

Centre Bourse à Marseille

This three floors and one mezzanine mall has about 60 large and small stores. Visitors can buy many different things here, from tapes to luxurious items. Besides, the mall also has restaurants, food courts and many other services.

DSCF0726 - Centre bourse depuis le jardin des vestiges, Marseille

Centre Bourse is open from 9:30 to 19:30 daily, except Sunday.

* La maison du pastis

This store is located at 108 Quai du Port, 13002 Marseille, providing different kinds of Pastis and Absinthes.

La Maison du Pastis

At this store, tourists can taste more than 70 different types of Pastis. La Maison is not just a small shop, it seems to be a focal point, expressing the unique creation of Marseille. Moreover, Pastis and absinthes are not only just wines but they also contain the long history of this land.

Holidays in France - D7

Coming to Ma Maison store, visitors can buy wine and crystal vases, pitcher, wine glass as gifts, and also learn a couple of interesting stories about the port.

3 Cannes


Rue Meynadier is called the “shopping street” in Cannes which has many stores selling many different kinds of items. The city’s most scrumptious butter is sold at Ceneri store (22 Rue Meynadier); whereas, Cannolive (16 Rue Venizelos) is famous for pretty small souvenirs, the posters of the major festivals are sold at Cine-Folie (14 Rue des Frères). If tourists want to buy alcohol, they can go to La Cave Forville (3 Forville Market).


Forville Market (Marché Forville) is located between the city center and the rail. The market sells a lot of fresh food, recently caught fish, and there is a fresh flower market nearby.

Cannes, Marchè Forville.
Market is open from 7:00 to 13:00 from Tuesday to Sunday.

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