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Fascinating Shopping Destinations in France: Part 2

4 Lyon

The best gift from Lyon for friends and family is chocolate. There are lots of scrumptious chocolate shops in Lyon; such as Bernachon (at 42 Cours Franklin Roosevelt) – the world’s leading chocolate factory, Voisin – the chocolate shop has more than 100 years history, or Bouillet (at 15 place de la Croix Rousse, 14 rue des Arches).
Moreover, to learn more about the goods in Lyon, tourists should visit big markets here. Every morning from Tuesday to Sunday, there are the Saone river-side market and another one at de la Croix- Rousse intersection.
Les Halles de Paul Bocuse / Parking Moncey-Nord
Les Halles de Lyon market at 102 cours Lafayette is open daily, and the market at crusty Fulchiron is open on Sunday mornings from 8:00-13:00.
5 Bordeaux

Le Pont de Pierre sur la Garonne (IV). Bordeaux (Explore Feb 17, 2014 #219)
Obviously, visitors coming to Bordeaux – the world’s famous land of champagne – want to buy champagne as a present and it is easily to find a store selling high-class champagne with suitable price in Bordeaux.
The “Golden Triangle” – allées de Tourny, cours de I’intendance và cours Clemenceau – has many well-known champagne stores, such as L’Intendant (2 allées de Tourny) or Vinothèque de Bordeaux (8 cours du XXX Juillet).
L'intendant (Bordeaux)
Besides, tourists can also buy some antiques at Chartrons dictrist or visit book markets and food market along the quai des Chartons Street.
6 Carcassonne

Carcassonne – the city of Fort – attracts a large amount of tourists thanks to its unique beauty and long-standing culture.
However, visitors can also drop by some stores to buy interesting souvenirs for family, such as Inthérieur 13 (13 rue Chartran, 11000 Carcassonne) – specializes in unique furniture; Di’Sogni (22 rue Chartran, 11000 Carcassonne) – specializes in high-class fashion from famous designers like Christian Lacroix, Olivier Strelli, Nathalie Garçon and Huevo Blanco; DiMeo (32 rue de la Liberté, 11000 Carcassonne) – specializes in glassware, sculpture, crystal jewelry or Casa del Sol (27 rue Barbès, 11000 Carcassonne) – sells perfumes, jewelry, candles, interior furniture imported from EU countries.
christian lacroix limited evian water bottles
7 Fontainebleau

Fontainebleau is one of the cities of France which has the visit sites recognized as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO.
If you want to shop in Fontainebleau, visitors can stroll around Rue de Sablons. There are many diverse and interesting shops there, especially attractive cheese shops.
Fontainebleau, rue des Sablons (2)
Besides, visitors should walk around the market, visit the shops on the way to church and go back to the main road. Follow this route, visitors not only can contemplate the whole area but also can buy some things.
Fontainebleau, rue des Sablons (3)
People even said that you will get what you want in these streets.
8 Mont-Saint-Michel

There are also many interesting experiences when shopping on Mont-Saint Michel Island, even though most of the shops here are small and unobtrusive.
Mont Saint Michel 50
The largest shopping area in Mont’Saint-Michel is along the Grande Rue, visitors can buy T-shirts, beautiful greeting cards of this island or some other souvenirs.
Grand Rue - Mont Saint Michel
If visitors feel that it is still not enough, just go a little bit further along the road heading to supermarkets and larger stores at the high ground of the island. Price here is more expensive than at Grand Rue, but still cheaper than similar supermarkets or shops in other areas.
Grand-rue du Château

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