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How to plan a self-sufficient trip to Paris

1Summary of Paris

Paris Twilight

The capital of France is one of three cities having the most developed economies in the world. It is voted as “the most romantic city” by a variety of tourists because of the beauty of the Eiffel Tower, the famous painting Mona Lisa, the Notre Dame, ect. If you want to plan a budget trip to Paris by yourself, this article will provide necessary knowledge to complete it.

2Experience in travelling to Paris

aGet visa

Instant Visa Service By France Visa Service Provider

Obviously, the first thing you need to do before going abroad is getting a visa. Therefore, find out about how to process one in you country. Besides, don’t forget that a Schengen Visa will be more convenient since you can use it to visit many other countries in Europe.

bBook flights

Crow's Eye View - 2014:  Air France A380 (F-HPJC) LAX Final Approach 2

You should choose AirFrance Airlines because all flights of this airline transit in Paris.

cFind accommodation


Although being one of the world’s most developed cities, there is no need to worry about accommodation services here. There are good hotels or motels with extremely reasonable prices in Paris. You can rent a short-term hostel room in case that you visit the city just in few days or a week. Want to experience home stays? The Best and Breafast in Paris website is a good reference for you.


The Louvre, Paris

The main means of transport in Paris are bicycle, tram, bus and subway. If you want to explore around the city, bicycle and tram are the best choices because they are easy to rent. Especially, the first 30 minutes riding bikes would be free.

RATP Paris Bus 9359 - 83 Porte d'Ivry to Friedland Haussmann 120813

Another option is bus. This vehicle would provide information and knowledge of the destinations where it leads to while moving. At the price of 27 Euro per day, bus is very cheap and convenient for the tourists.

Montparnasse Bienvenüe Station

In case you like travelling by subway, you had better buy 10 tickets for the whole trip since it is much cheaper than purchasing one after another. You can pay for the ticket by visa, cash or buy it directly from the ticket counter.


Jardin des Plantes - Paris (France)

In France in general and Paris in particular, almost people can speak English. However, you should learn a few sentences in French to show your friendliness to local people. They will certainly appreciate it.

fTime to visit Paris


The ideal time to travel to Paris is between February and June due to warmer weather. If you visit the city in July or August, the hot climate of the summer will make it uncomfortable to travel around. Likewise, with bitter weather in the winter, you can not experience beautiful landscapes as well as attractive activities here.

3Some interesting destinations

aThe Eiffel Tower


The famous Eiffel Tower is an impressive structure located on Champ-de-Mars Park, next to the Seine, Paris. This 300-meter high tower was built by Gustave Eiffel and his colleagues to celebrate the Universal Expo in 1889 and the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution as well. Since there are numerous people visiting it everyday, the most convenient and simple way is taking a tour of The Eiffel Tower.

bThe Louvre Museum

Louvre Museummovie Underworld: Blood Wars 2016 trailer

This is considered as the most famous museum all over the world with the painting Mona Lisa and thousands of other artifacts. Up to 25,000 visitors come here each day. Besides, the price of ticket is quite expensive. Hence, you should visit it at the weekend because there is no entrance fee. In case you want to see Mona Lisa, try to come soon and remember not to bring any food into the museum.

cThe Notre Dame

Notre Dame de Paris

Have you ever read or watch the well-known movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame? In the 19th century, this work of the writer Victor Hugo became a driving force to urge the government to repair the church when it was destroyed by war. Additionally, it is an everlasting structure in the heart of those who love Paris. Especially, it is free to visit the church except for its top.

dParis Cuisine


Eating and drinking is the costliest expense of a self-sufficient trip. You can eat fast food or prepare some before travelling. Nevertheless, don’t forget to enjoy a meal with French classic fare at the La Cantine de Quentin. Another selection is small restaurants at the Latin Quarter. Especially, the price at noon is cheaper than in the evening. About drinking, you can take water from public taps since it is very clean and, of course, free. Finally, there are just few public toilets in the capital of France, thus, you can use WC of a café or a restaurant instead.

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