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Paris – City of Light: Part 1

France is located in western of Europe bordering with Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Lugxemburg, Italia, Monaco, Andorra and Spain. France’s economy is 5th in the world. France covers 640 679 square kilometres. France also is also famous for diversified race, architecture, and landscape. Moreover, France is consider cradle của great Europe Culture.
Vive la France!
France – the antique country has many destinations that attract tourists all over the world. Besides, French government and citizens are trying to improve their image in visitors’s eyes.
City of light #night panorama #Paris
France is also called fashion capital of the world which has many luxury fashion shops. However, the price is quite expensive, especially tourist season.
Pont des Arts Paris @night
If you have a chance to visit this wonderful country, don’t miss the famous sites such as Eiffel tower, Chambord castle, Versailles and many famous museums.


The City of Light
Paris is the capital and administrative center of France. Located in the north of France, Paris is built on two sides of Seinme river. Paris has Oceanic climate. Therefore, Paris‘s summer is 18 degree, and the winter is 6 degree.
Paris attracts 30 million foreign tourists. Therefore, gorvenment and citizens always concern about the green of city.
Coming to the city of light, tourists can’t ignore the famous architecture such as Eiffel, Nothern Damm, Arc de Triomphe, Picasso museum. In additition, you can enjoy a unique cuisine with French champagne, baguette, goose liver, French cheese.
Besides, Paris is considered as the fashion capital of the world with big streets, shops and centers. Tourists usually wander among fashion centers and buy some clothes for themselves as well as their relatives.
All the special things attract more and more tourists. Paris is a best choice for those who want to explore the latest fashion trend, great architecture buildings, unique culture cuisine. Therefore you will be impressed at the first sight by the modern and luxury of the city of light
**French culture

France is called the cradle of European culture with famous cultural building. Besides, French people always care about development and costruction of culture. Paris is the main point to develop the culture of France.
French Charm
To be continued…

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