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Paris – City of Light: Part 6

French people have elegant cuisine style. They never eat in hurry or eat something on the streets. Especially, French is gastronomic. French is not only good at cooking but also good at enjoying and tasting the dishes.
As the other European countries, champagne appears in French parties. However, French people use different champagnes for each dish. Besides, sauce is also an important element in French cuisine. It is a wonderful combination of herb, and fruit such as tomato, orange, cinnamon, lavender…
France-001870 - Buy.......

French is careful in choosing the ingredient. They usually give priority to use food that is in their season because dishes are delicious and nutritious. French use knife and fork and there is no dish that is eaten by hands. In a party, the most important things are clean and luxurious. Therefore, everything is prepared carefully from knives, forks to glasses.
Inox steak knife


Macaron is a French sweet cake appeared in 18th century. The recipe is brought buy two Italian sisters of charity. In the early of 20th century, a bakery owner added cream between two cookies, and then Macaron was created.

Macaron relleno de nata con moras y arándanosThe main ingredients of this cake are sugar, almond and egg white. There are many flavors such as strawberry, orange, lemon, almond, chocolate… many artisans gather in Paris and participate in a competition to choose the best Macaron baker.

2Foie gras

法式鵝肝醬 Groose Liver Terrine @ 洋蔥牛排餐廳
Foie gras appears in almost luxurious restaurants. Besides, not all restaurants can cook this dish.
My french lunch, groose liver
Fried goose liver is the best dish which is served with strawberry sauce, syrup, biroche bread. In addition, Sauterne wine is always served with this dish because of the sweet, honey flavor.
Chateau Villefranche Sauternes 2002



The various kinds of Crêpe will stun tourist with beautiful appearances and delicious flavor. This cake is originally from Bretagne, France. It is made from wheat flour or buckwheat flour. The cake is fried two sides.
Yummy Banana and Nutella Crepe
Stuffing of salty Crêpe is are jambon, chicken meat or cheese. Besides, sweet Crêpe is chocolate, cream and almond. You can enjoy this cake in restaurants or even at small shops on the streets.


Le baguette (explored)
Baguette is a long thin loaf of French bread that is original from Austrian.
Grilled chicken breast, vine ripened tomatoes, romaine lettuce, extra aged cheddar, mayo and honey garlic barbecue sauce on a Vienna baguetteA standard baguette has a diameter of about 5 or 6 centimeters and usual length is 65 centimeters. Beside, short French bread is served as pancake and used with cheese, pâté.

baguette and tomatoes

5French champagne
Ribera del Duero Tasting at The French Wine Merchant
Champagne started from the south of France in 6th ¬¬ century BC. In that time, big grape gardens belonged to Catholic church. In meal of French, champagne always appears.

Grapes of Provence

Depend on the origin and fermentation, each kind of wine will have different alcohol and sweet level. Each dish will have different kind of wine.

6French Cheese

Cheese platter Feb 18, 2008
There are many kinds of cheese all over the world but the most favorite is French cheese. French use cheese in party to eat with bread. This kind of nourish source is used widely in the world, especial in Europe.
French cheese

. Cheese Platter

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