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The Jardin du Luxembourg – the most beautiful garden in France

Jardin du Luxembourg – or simply the Luxembourg garden – is probably the largest, the most beautiful and most famous park of Paris in particular and of France in general. It is located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, near Sorbonne University. Beside the Notre Dame de Paris, the Louvre Museum or the Versaille Palace, this is an authentic place associated with French history and culture.


Spring in Jardin du Luxembourg

The park covers about 22.45 hectares, originally owned by the Duke of Luxemburg. In the year 1612, Marie de ‘Medici – the widow of King Louis XIII – bought it to build a new residence she constructed, making it become an Italian-style garden which looked like where she was born and brought up.

Lovely colors

Since the 19th century, The Jardin du Luxembourg has opened to the visitors. Hence, it was redesigned in French style but the layout was still preserved.

2The beautiful landscape

Jardim refletido

In the center of ​​the garden, the visitors will witness an octagonal lake named Grand Bassin. Children can rent small boats to ride on the lake. Besides, it is surrounded by lots of interesting activities such as puppetry or riding horses. For this reason, the Jardin du Luxembourg is extremely suitable for families having children.

Paris-Jardin du Luxembourg

Among the fountains at the garden, the two most beautiful ones are Fontaine de Medicis and Fontaine de I’Observatoire. While Fontaine de Medicis, which is located in a small lake in the northeast area, has a romantic and charming beauty of Greek mythology, Fontaine de I’Observatoire expresses global solidarity by the girls representing five continents all over the world. The latter is located at the southern area of the park and was designed by Carpaux, Fremiet and Davioud in 1873.

3The Luxembourg Palace

Luxembourg Palace

The Luxembourg Palace was built from 1615 to 1627, located at the northern area of the Jardin du Luxembourg. Originally, the palace was designed for Marie de ‘Medici because although living in France, she was always filled with nostalgia for the Pitti Palace in Florence.

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