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The most romantic destination in Paris

Being considered as one of the most romantic cities all over the world, Paris definitely has a variety of must-see destinations for couples. And, in the French capital, there is a place known as “the most romantic place of Paris”. That is The Pont des Arts Bridge.

Pont des Arts @ Sunset

In French, the name Pont des Arts means “the bridge of art”. It was built in the year 1802, spanning the beautiful Seine and connecting with the Louvre.

Pont des Arts from Louvre @ Golden hour

Initially, the bridge had 9 arches. Besides, it was the first metal bridge in Paris. Its fathers – the engineers Jacques Dillon and Louis-Alexandre de Cessart initially wanted to create a bridge which resembled a suspended garden with banks of flowers, trees and benches.

Pont des Arts

Going through ups and downs, the Pont des Arts was rebuilt in 1981 with 7 arches instead of 9 ones as original. Afterwards, the bridge has become an ideal destination for those who love the dreamlike beauty of Paris.

Pont des Arts

Since 2008, the couples have come here to attach padlocks to the grate or the railing on the side of the bridge, then throw the key into the Seine below, as a romantic gesture. For this reason, the Pont des Arts is called “the most romantic place of Paris”.

Love Locks

This gesture is considered as the representation of love, rising from Rome, Italy. Legend has it that if the padlocks are never removed from the bridge, love will last forever.


The bridge then has been covered with a huge number of padlocks. Everyday, many lovers walk along the Pont des Arts, kiss and attach the padlocks to the bridge.

Paris - Les musiciens sur le Pont des Arts

In addition, the Ponts des Art is a place for the travellers to experience a various kinds of street arts in the French capital since many artists usually gather here to enjoy the magnificence of Paris.

Pont des Arts

Thus, visiting ‘the bridge of love’, the tourists can see the painters drawing the Seine and the saxophonist playing French songs, making a very romantic atmosphere.

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