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The most ‘sinful’ hotel in Paris

Chantal Thomas – ‘the queen of French lingerie’ – has always dreamed of offering sweet experience of sinful nights to the visitors. Having inspiration from 7 deserve-to-die sins of people, she designed and constructed one of the strangest but most impressive hotels of Paris: Vice Versa Hotel.

Vice Versa Hôtel - 049

With subtlety and slightly naughtiness, Chantal Thomas has awoken all senses of the tourists, making them embarrass at the first look, then surprised and admire because of the hotel’s unique style.

Vice Versa Hôtel - 062

Coming to this special hotel, the guests can choose rooms which are suitable to their desire.


Vice Versa Hôtel - 048
Each floor is decorated based on each sin. Therefore, Vice Versa Hotel has a total of 7 floors with 37 rooms. Pride – the first sin of human – corresponds with Lucifer floor. In this kind of rooms, the travellers will feel very exciting and honored thanks to the tone of royal gold, marble columns and luxurious statues.


Vice Versa Hôtel - 052

For those who love money, they certainly will feel exciting with Mammon rooms – the crime of greed. These rooms are decorated with patterns of money such as USD, Euro, ect.


Vice Versa Hôtel - 093

In above picture is the Asmodeus room, representing the third sin of human: lust.


Vice Versa Hôtel - 060

Possessing a dominant tone of white, red, black, this room is designed by the inspiration from Satan: sin of revenge and anger.


Vice Versa Hôtel - 024

If you are a big fan of food and drink, the room of gluttony is definitely the right choice for you.


Vice Versa Hôtel - 086

The sixth crime – envy – is reflected in the Leviathan room, which has red curtains and a collection of jewelry, perfumes, shoes and so on on the wall.


Vice Versa Hôtel - 068

With colorful butterflies on the walls, beautiful chairs, rugs and blue sky full of ​​clouds, the Belphegor room corresponding to the sin of laziness will give the visitors a feeling of relaxation.


Vice Versa Hôtel - 038

On the other hand, the hall of Vice Versa Hotel is very elegant with tone of white, making people feel like they are in paradise.


Vice Versa Hôtel - 033

Of course, if you want to experience in hell, the basement of hotel, which is used as a sauna and decorated with topic of The Hades and The Devil, will be always there to welcome you.

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