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The Top Ten Paris Brunches: Part 2

6 Bal Café

The staffs of Bal Café is young, cheerful and cosmopolite; the interior decoration is warm and the food is delicious.
Le Bal Café
Porridge, scones, bacon and other wonderful UK dishes are served for brunch. However, remember that space is limited, so reservations are not accepted.
Crumble at Le Bal Café
If you have to wait for a table, you can always check out one of the excellent exhibits at the BAL – Paris’s museum of documentary photography, film and new media. Thus, it is not boring to be there.
7 L’Estaminet des Enfants Rouges

This place is a true oasis in Paris’s central.
This small organic canteen is warm and welcoming, a bistro for exhausted urban travellers in the heart of the Enfants Rouges market. Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays.
L'Estaminet des Enfants Rouges
In addition, menu has not only hot drinks and organic apple juice but also scrambled eggs, salad, assorted cheeses and cold cuts, fruit salad, cottage cheese, scones and jam.
Marché des Enfants Rouges (Paris)
8 Nolita

Nolita’s brunch is a lavish, Latin buffet – a world away from a London fry-up: melting mozzarella, carpaccio of swordfish, Parmesan shavings on a bed of bresaola, soft sliced octopus, subtly marinated vegetables, sundried tomatoes.
Lunch at NoLita, Paris
Nolita also has breaded saffron rice dumplings, stuffed focaccia and the choice of two hot dishes. In addition, you can have the Italian experience by healthy spread of desserts: tiramisu, panna cotta, walnut pie, fresh fruit and cornetti.
Lunch at NoLita, Paris
Unfortunately, for €39, you only get a sole glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice such as orange, lemon or grape fruit and one hot drink.
9 Un Dimanche à Paris

Chocolate lovers will be in heaven in this store dedicated to cocoa.
Chocolate restaurant
Brunch is served on every Sunday here. There are only premium products offered here, such as Poilane bread, Bordier butter and slices of Iberian ham. With €55, you will have foie gras with pear and crème de cassis and a glass of Champagne instead of juice.
Muffins are not served here but rather a madeleine, a mini-éclair and a slice of cake. These courses go perfectly with one of the best hot chocolates in Paris, which is made with real melted chocolate, milk, a little cream and a touch of cinnamon and vanilla.
Naturally, this is not cheap, but the price is justified by the level of refinement
10 Holybelly

Having breakfast at Holybelly, you will get a warm welcome from the tattooed, beanie-wearing staffs.
HolyBelly, Paris
The narrow area at the front gives way to a sober and elegant back room, dominated by a big leather sofa and a pinball machine. The managements are a young couple from Vancouver.
HolyBelly menu
On the menu, there are hazelnut pancakes with whipped cream and maple syrup (€11.50), or pancakes with fried eggs and bacon. In addition, they also have granola, grilled and caramelised with fresh fruit and a jug of milk.
Coffee at HolyBelly
There are also tempting savoury dishes like poached eggs with bacon, black pudding or Brebis cheese (€11.50). Coffee is from local roaster in Belleville. A full menu is available later in the day, which while not exactly café prices, looks tempting: in October, there were things like grilled mackerel with smoked leeks and a new potato salad (€14.50) or a warm lentil salad with Morteau sausage (€14).

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