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The Unique Cuisine in Paris

French cuisine is famous around the world and was recognized as UNESCO world cultural heritage. Coming to France you will have a chance to discover the unique culinary culture, with fancy decorated dishes which are cooked according to each region style. Specially, the French is really gastronomic, French dishes are not only delicious but also beautifully decorated and artistic.

1 Macaron

yummy macarons
Everyone, who has been to France or loves French cuisine, is crazy about Macaron. The cake is made picky, skillfully expressing the subtletie of the French.
With just a bite, you can feel its soothing scent melting on the tongue. Macaron is a round cake with many lovely colors.
French macarons - First attempt
There and hundreds different types of Macaron displayed in the cake shop in France.

2 Stew Chicken

puerto rican smothered/stewed chicken with beans & rice from cafe central
Stew Chicken is the specialty of Provence, Southern France.
trini stew chicken recipe (14)
This stew’s key ingredients are olives, tomatoes, garlic, which make chicken pieces become not only fragrant but also eye-catching and extremely tasty..

3 Crepe

Crepe, with many different recipes, is the perfect dish for every circumstanes: breakfast, lunch’s appetizers or dinner’s desserts.
Sophie's Crepes in SF
There are many different kinds of Crepe. The traditional one is made from sugar and lemon. However, the Crepe with chocolate cream and banana is easiest to eat.

4 Clafoutis

Clafoutis aux cerises as envisioned by Re-Ment
Clafoutis is similar to custard and crepe.
Ingredients for clafoutis with red currant
Typically, the cake is made with cherry as highlight, but some stores also innovate with other fruits.

5 Cassoulet

cassoulet for two
It takes hours for the talented French chef to make a perfect Cassoulet dish.
Meat, sausages, beans, potatoes, duck and goose meat are stewed to create an unique taste.

6 Bearnaise Sauce

Steak, french fries, béarnaise sauce.
Bearnaise is French traditional sauce and its flavor blends perfectly with barbecued meat.
Salmon Béarnaise
Before tasting meat with the delicious sauce, let take a sip of the chips.

7 Frangipane Tart

Frangipane Tart
Traditionally, a Frangipane Tart is made from pears and apples, but the variation with apricot cream made this cake become famous.
Apricot + frangipane tart

8 Onion Tart

Onion Tart is especially delicious when served with salad or used as an appetizer. Potato & Red Onion Tart
The sole bread is a crunchy pizza and cake’s upper part is fragrant that no one can resist.
apple, red onion and caraway tart

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